Branding: Widerfi, Wider Comm. Ltd

Widerfi is a Lithuanian startup, currently in the UK, providing smartphone and tablet connectivity to smart international traveler. Widerfi fills in the gap between Wi-Fi and mobile data roaming propositions combining the best of both models.

Widerfi began its development as a start-up with a direct, but not terribly attractive name: Cheap Data Communications. Needless to say, they needed a new brand design, and that is what we provided.

Though the final name, Widerfi, did not come from our suggestions, we did work extensively on research and marketing. We proposed many alternatives, and, in the long run, provided the necessary context for the ultimate choice.

The logo brief called for a technical, clean unique approach, but required solution that was warm, friendly and implied the freedom at the core of Widerfi’s vision and mission. Thus the wavy W, reminiscent of a flying bird and encompassing most rainbow colours.


Brand design: the corporate image

We developed all aspects of the corporate materials: stationery, document folder, and the full brand manual. In the corporate material, we applied and reiterated the concepts that were behind the logo design: cleanliness, technology, warmth, approachability, freedom.





The brand book


Copywriting: the tagline


Digital brand design: Widerfi’s web proposals

While we were not asked to produce Widerfi’s website, we provided UI and UX indications.

Digital and printed presentation design

As a start-up, it was vital for Widerfi to always present its pitches and presentations in the best possible way, with a coherent and professional look.




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