Branding: La Bautique

La Bautique is a pet SPA and boutique located in Bormio (So), a posh resort town in the Italian Alps. This is one of our latest projects, still in progress. We were contacted to develop the logo design, the overall branding and the communication design by the owner, who had
a clear idea of the feeling and the style she wanted for her store, which is trendy yet simple, sophisticated without being snob.

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When Paola decided to start this new venture, she contacted us. She had decided on the name, and being a smart entrepreneur with wise business acumen, she understood her need for professional competence for her branding efforts.

After discussing with her about her vision and style, we began working on the logotype and symbol. Finally “Bau” was born, and became the brand’s happy mascot.


Once we created the symbol and the logotype, the development of the look&feel into a yin/yang-like balance of black and white was almost inevitable. All print and digital material presents a play on the positive/negative approach.







The website

As with all other communication material, the website, – a simple online presence – follows all the same visual and conceptual guidelines, as well as the brand’s look&feel.





The window design

The design of the store’s windows was a big part of the assignment. Being a newly opened activity, it was important to Paola that we attracted and communicated to passers-by in the most eloquent way. Consequently, we took the opportunity to reinforce the brand by continuing the black/white play.




Local & Timely communication

We geared up La Bautique with personalised holiday communication, as we do with all our clients.


Social Media

Social Networks are key elements in strengthening the branding efforts. Hence, we assisted Paola in setting up La Bautique’s principal Social Media properties: the Facebook page, and a Twitter account, which we monitor, as an added service.


Apparel and gadgets

Furthermore, branded apparel and accessories are key ingredients to brand-support a local business aimed at an upscale (often trendy) target. Here are a few samples.