Branding: Laura Sacco

Laura Sacco is an Italian trainer and digital mentor, located in the Piedmont region, nearby Torino.

When Laura decided to embark in a new venture as a professional consultant and digital mentor, aiming at assisting small entrepreneurs and professionals in their upgrading their digital sills, she contacted us to help her build her new brand.

The resulting logo, symbol, and overall branding effort perfectly depicts Laura and pointedly represents her value and capability, while projecting a warm, friendly and open image.

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When Laura came to us, her wish was for us to help her create a brand image that she would feel comfortable with. She also wanted something that would well represent both her professionalism and her warmth and empathy. Our branding solution reflects all her virtues.


Logotype & symbol

We chose a warm, somewhat scripty, font that is friendly but not too cutzy, elegant but not too formal, and bold but not too aggressive. And we worked with the letterforms to imply the “digitality”, turning the last”a” in her name into the well known “at” symbol that identifies email addresses.

To establish a connection with a past more familiar to her target, and to imply a training process, we contrasted the logo font with a “typewriting-reminiscent” face for the tagline.




We spent time looking for the perfect palette for Laura’s branding. To avoid the turquoise “wave” that the benchmarks we analysed seemed to ride, we opted for a more unusual palette. Ivory, burgundy, and dark brown -the primary colors –  are both warm and elegant. The two shades of violet and periwinkle add a touch of “coolness”.


Printed material

The stationery is both playful and serious, following Laura’s request of balancing competence with a human touch.






In our efforts to strengthen the branding process, we began working with Laura’s blog, while preparing her “official” website. For the blog, her indications were to remain simple. Our need was to stay neutral, while establishing recognition for her logo and trademark colors.


We also developed iconic material to be used in all digital properties, such as in her favicon, and in her social media avatars.