Logo and Packaging Design: Azienda Agricola SanPolo

Azienda Agricola SanPolo is located in the Modena province of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. They produce a special cultivar of organic wheat, called red wheat, and a line of organic wines, the whites made with what is knows as “the ancestral method”. SanPolo is also a well renown “Agriturismo”, a holiday farm retreat.

Paolo, the owner, is a jovial and passionate man, who cherishes is land and his family.

We worked together on Paolo’s new logo, and on the labels of a couple of his wine lines.

The logo and packaging design was a key part in the rebranding of Azienda Agricola SanPolo. For the new logo, Paolo asked us to include – or at least cite – the pre-existing one (the sP in the circle). On our side, we wanted to imply the unique location. We all wanted to give the overall new logo a traditional feel and a modern flavour. We achieved that by using a semi-serif font, both classy and contemporary.




The stationery is simple and clean, yet also uniquely contemporary.sanpolo_lett-1


Product logo and packaging design: the Scalfaròtt wine line

After establishing the corporate image, we proceeded with designing the first line of products: the top line of organic wines. Paolo had thought of a name, Scalfaròtt, which is a local dialect way to define “a glass of wine”, be either white or red.

We loved the idea, and suggested to further play on the dialect including the dialect words for White (Bianc) and Red (Rass). Thus we created the product logo designs, which were then applied to the labels.



As for the corporate logo, we wanted, in the labels, to contrast the “peasant-y” take on the dialect. So we chose a classy and upscale look&feel that, with sobriety, narrates the story of a wine simple, and yet elegantly complex.

For the visuals, we opted for details of the frescos present on site, created by Paolo’s extremely talented wife – and mural designer – Giliana Gavioli. These, combined with a perfect choice of fonts and colours, successfully convey the exquisite wine they represent.

The copywriting on the labels follows the same philosophy, assuring that while we provide the necessary technical information, we also convey the love and passion that Paolo puts into his production.





Naming, product logo and packaging design: the Matris wine line

For the secondary line of products, Paolo sent us a photo of his mother: he wanted to honour her. And given the exceptional quality of his product, we also wanted to reinforce their “super-genuiness”. These wines are as close to home-made as excellent wines can be.

We therefore refined the name: from Mater to Matris (latin for “mother’s). Then declined it for the three different products: Matris Rubrum (Mother’s Red), Matris Rubellum (Mother’s Rosé), and Matris Album (Mother’s White).

Visually, we countered the latin take with a grungy, funky treatment of the original photograph, and of the typography. The result is a stunning line of very unique labels, that truly portray the spirit of these wines.




The bottles are accompanied by tags that identify the year, allowing for the optimisation of production expenses.matris_tags