thesign.it is a creative lab with a focus on integrated communication, strategy, design & brand building, localization, education, and coaching.

thesign.it is not an agency

it’s a sandbox, a fluidly structured container of competences and experiences where we test new approaches. an intersection of cultures, languages, skills, and interactions and a nexus where diversities converge, contaminate, pollinate and grow to produce solutions, products, services, innovation, communication, contents, and stories.

raffaella isidori‘s brainchild (a lifetime project) has evolved in time into a modular, lean, and flexible model. A highly adaptable toolbox to address the needs of a variety of projects, from creating a new brand to organizing an event, to planning a communications campaign.

thesign.it’s model is adaptable and flexible but is still ruled by raffaella’s historic approach: efficiency, attention, creativity, professionalism, experience, and, most of all, sustainability.

thesign.it’s focus is on communication design (integrated, marketing, content, corporate, strategic); branding (building, management, restyling); visual storytelling (photography, video); brand, visual and marketing design (graphic, print, web, digital); writing (copywriting, content production); linguistic adaptation (translation, localization, transcreation); advertising (print, digital); service design; training; strategy and innovation.

through our partnerships, services extend into product design and managementsoftware development (web, app, WordPress, etc.), illustrationmultilingual localizationdesign servicesprinting servicesvideo and event production.

let’s work together!

do you have a project that you would like to work on with thesign.it? want to get to know us better? just want to chat? don’t be shy: reach out!